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Home Prices Start to Rise, Sales Trend Higher: Housing Recovery Underway

Home Prices Start to Rise, Sales Trend Higher: Housing Recovery Underway


 For the first time in 18 months, home prices in February rose higher. With a median price of $171,881, prices in the 53 cities surveyed by the RE/MAX National Housing Report rose by 1.1% over February 2011.

Home sales were even higher, up 8.7% from one year ago. With a positive sales trend of 8 straight months above the previous year, it’s looking like 2012 will witness a very strong home-selling season, RE/MAX reports. As a result of reduced foreclosure activity, inventory continued a downward trend for the 20thstraight month, 22.4% lower than the housing inventory in February 2011. Continue reading

Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Tonight was such a fun event at The Spice of Life. I furthered my network connection of business professionals in the area.This is such a great way to meet people,  I encourage all to come.  I have a connection to any type of professional you need. 

Chamber’s Monthly Events

November 2011 Business After @ CU Art Museum. Photo courtesy of Photos by Pinque.


Business After Hours
Third Wednesday | 5:30-7pm

Hosted by a different member business every month, this event continually takes on a new persona and attracts an interesting mix of business executives and entrepreneurs. Join this lively crowd to build your business relationships!
Staff Contact: Jan Berg, (303) 786-8076

About the Chamber

Susan Graf, CEO & PresidentThe Boulder Chamber is a dynamic organization comprised of more than 1,500 businesses that help shape the economy, promote community awareness, and set the pace for the future of Boulder County and beyond. Through the Chamber’s successful training programs, volunteer committees, and business events, we provide the services and resources to help your business grow while gaining exposure in the community.

In addition, the Chamber is committed to building solid partnerships with our member businesses, the city of Boulder, Boulder County, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the Boulder Valley School District. As an advocate for business, we strive to create a healthy economy while at the same time, preserving the quality of life we all enjoy. Since many of our members’ businesses extend beyond Boulder Valley, we also get involved with regional issues such as housing, technology, growth, and transportation.

Again, welcome to the Boulder Chamber! Our experienced staff is eager to help launch your participation in one of Colorado’s most innovative business organizations.


Susan Graf
President & CEO
Boulder Chamber

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Housing Is Healing: Asking Prices to Show Gain in 2012

Housing Is Healing: Asking Prices to Show Gain in 2012 

For the first time in six years, sellers’ asking prices tracked by the Department of Numbers Website have gone positive on a year-to-year basis, another sign that the housing economy is slowly healing itself. Sellers’ asking prices nationally first showed a positive year over year gain in December, and increased to 3.9 percent as of March 5. “I wanted to see January’s data follow suit lest I prematurely announce a sign change only to have it reverse direction the following month. Of course there’s nothing that precludes that even with two months of positive Y/Y numbers, but it does tell me that the housing market is slowly healing itself,” wrote Ben Engebreth, an independent programmer and data analyst who operates the site. As of March 5, 2012 there were about 858,688 single family and condo homes listed for sale in the 54 metro areas Engebreth tracks. The median asking price of these homes was estimated to be $224,322.2. Since this time last year, the inventory of homes for sale has decreased by 20.5 percent and the median price has increased by 3.9 percent.
“The Y/Y inventory decline of roughly 15 percent (which puts it at an all-time low for the series) offers additional supporting evidence. That’s not to say that we’ll be returning to rapid price appreciation any time soon; I certainly don’t foresee that,” Engebreth wrote.
The median asking price for homes in the US peaked in June 2006 at $319,459 and is now $95,137 (29.8 percent) lower. From a low of $211,844 in January 2011, the median asking price in the US has increased by $12,477 (5.9 percent).
In its January data,, the massive listings site which also tracks asking prices, reported list prices were up 3.69 percent on the year in the 146 metros it covers. The site reported the top four markets in terms of year over year increases were all in Florida: Miami (up 32.75 percent), Fort Myers-Cape Coral (up 21 percent), Punta Gorda (up 19.33 percent), and West Palm Beach (up 18.60 percent). Inventory was down 23.20 percent on the year.

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Colorado’s unemployment rate continues decline

Colorado’s unemployment rate continues decline

Associated PressAssociated Press

DENVER — Colorado’s unemployment rate continues to slowly decline.

The state labor department said Tuesday that the unemployment rate declined by one-tenth of a percentage point to 7.8 percent in January.

During January, the state gained a total of 19,500 jobs. The private sector added 22,500 jobs in January but government cut 3,000 positions. The biggest gains were in construction, professional and business services and leisure and hospitality.

The state’s survey of households found that the number of people actively looking for work dropped by 3,900 people.

The national unemployment rate for January was 8.3 percent.

The Colorado Department of Labor also tracks the labor force situation across counties, metropolitan statistical areas and cities, but the employment figures are not immediately adjusted for seasonal changes — including increases in hiring for the holidays. A couple weeks after the release of the state unemployment rate, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for counties, said Bill Thoennes, spokesman for the Colorado labor department.

The jobless rate for the BoulderLongmont metropolitan statistical area — which essentially covers Boulder County — increased to 6.2 percent in January from 5.5 percent the month before, according to figures that were not seasonally adjusted. Boulder County’s employment rate in January 2011 was 7.1 percent.

Broomfield recorded a 0.4 percentage point increase to 6.9 percent for January 2012. Broomfield posted a 7.8 percent unemployment rate in January 2011.

When not adjusting for seasonal employment changes, Colorado’s jobless rate increased 0.7 percentage points to 8.4 percent.

Camera Business Writer Alicia Wallace contributed to this report.

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NAR Collaborates with U.S. Treasury on Short Sale ‘Help for Homeowners’

NAR Collaborates with U.S. Treasury on Short Sale ‘Help for Homeowners’

RISMEDIA, — A new National Association of REALTORS® collaboration with the U.S. Department of the Treasury will help REALTORS® better assist homeowners who are struggling to sell their homes in a short sale.
REALTORS® who attend upcoming Making Home Affordable “Help for Homeowners” outreach events, sponsored by the Treasury Department, will learn insights to help them navigate the short sale process and have the opportunity to meet directly with loan servicers on their clients’ behalf for assistance with difficult transactions.
“As the nation’s leading advocate for homeownership and housing issues, REALTORS® are working hard to keep more people in their homes, and when a family is absolutely unable keep their home, REALTORS® are there to help homeowners by facilitating a loan modification or short sale,” said NAR President Moe Veissi. “I encourage our REALTORS® members to participate in these new events so that they have the tools and information to help distressed homeowners achieve the best possible outcome.”
Help for Homeowners community events will take place throughout the year; the first session was held on the 22nd, with an additional event on the 24th. More events are scheduled in Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, Calif.
At the events, REALTORS® can attend workshops to hear directly from lenders and loan servicers about executing short sales in today’s challenging market. They’ll learn tips on how to navigate the short sale process, effectively negotiate short sale offers and expedite transactions. REALTORS® will also hear from Treasury officials about various foreclosure prevention programs, and specifically the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) short sale program. Live webinars from the workshop will be available to real estate professionals who can’t attend in person.
The sessions for real estate professionals are not open to homeowners, but borrowers who are in financial distress and concerned about losing their home to foreclosure are encouraged to attend the free homeowner sessions.
Homeowners who are having difficulty paying their mortgage will be able to meet one-on-one with loan servicers and housing counselors to explore foreclosure prevention options and work toward solutions to their mortgage problems. Real estate professionals are encouraged to invite homeowners and their clients to the events and are welcome to accompany their clients in conversations with the servicers.
“REALTORS® embrace the opportunity to partner with the Treasury Department and drive participation at upcoming “Help for Homeowners” events. Working together we can improve the success rate for short sale transactions, which will reduce the overall number of foreclosures and benefit sellers, lenders, buyers and the entire community,” said Veissi.
Additional information for consumers about the “Help for Homeowners” events is at Real estate professionals can get more information or register to attend at
For more information, visit

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Learn About Refinancing

Learn About Refinancing

Whatever your home financing goals, we have the tools and information you need to refinance1 quickly and easily.

The Refinancing Process

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  1. Deciding to Refinance
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  3. Applying
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Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) Refinancing Strategies

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Homeownership Guides

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Additional Information

Need more information? Read our answers to some frequently asked mortgage questions, or look through our glossary of home financing terms.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is a festive holiday celebrated on March 17 by people of many nationalities and religions who often know little about the history of St. Patrick or the holiday’s symbols. Most people are aware that the holiday originated in Ireland and that Patrick was Irish. They also may know that he drove the snakes out of Ireland and choose to wear green clothes on the holiday in order not to be pinched.


St. Patrick’s Life

  • Patrick lived in fifth century Ireland and was the son of a Christian deacon. When he was 16 years old, he was taken prisoner by Irish raiders who had sacked the family estate. Held captive for six years, he turned to his religion for solace and began planning the conversion of the Irish from their nature-based pagan religion to that of Christianity. He eventually escaped to England. Upon his return, he put his plan into action, converting much of the Irish population to Catholicism by incorporating their religious symbols into their understanding of Christianity. March 17th was the day of St. Patrick’s death, and it became a religious feast day within the Catholic Church.

Shamrocks and Wearing the Green

  • The shamrock was a sacred plant to the Irish pagans because it symbolized the rebirth of spring. As Christianity flourished, the shamrock came to incorporate ideas of the Holy Trinity, as well. Later, under the oppression of the English who outlawed Irish language and Catholicism, wearing the green shamrock was a symbol of heritage and pride. Today, the shamrock is still a symbol of Ireland and donning green clothing stands as a substitute for pinning the little three-lobed leaf to your shirt.

Today, Saturday, March 17, 2012, Chicago will continue its 50-year-tradition of dyeing the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day. Many have tried to copy Chicago, but none have managed to perfect the brilliant shades of emerald green that makes the river the centerpiece of Chicago’s celebrations.

It all started back in 1961 when Stephen Bailey, Business Manager of the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local Union #110, was
discussing plans with a colleague for the 1962 St. Patrick’s Day Parade. During the meeting, Bailey was approached by a plumber who was wearing coveralls that were originally white but had been stained the perfect shade of Irish green by the dye  used to detect leaks in the Chicago River.  Immediately, Bailey asked why couldn’t this dye be used to turn the river green for St. Patrick’s Day.  After some testing and research…the tradition was born.

 If you’re dyeing to do something a little different for this year’s St. Pat’s Day, which promises to be picture perfect, head to the Chicago River for this spectacular event.

St Patrick’s Day Events in Denver CO 2012 You can find me at the Parade in Denver today!

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Foreclosures: Hardest hit zip codes

Foreclosures: Hardest hit zip codes

The mortgage industry has often been blamed for its role helping homeowners get lines or credit and bigger mortgages during the housing boom. The industry saw little downside, unloading the risk that the loans would go bad on to the financial markets.

With Schneiderman, who has been working on his own investigations into big banks, Obama is signaling he’s ready to go after financial crimes. And left-leaning progressive groups cheered the news.

“Schneiderman has shown himself to be a courageous hero in his defense of the struggling underwater homeowners in his state and across the country,” according to a statement released by a coalition of left-leaning advocates such as MoveOn and New Bottom Line.

The news came as a surprise to the financial industry, which had been predicting Obama would tout a proposed settlement under discussion among federal regulators, state attorneys general and the largest bank mortgage servicers under investigation for improperly foreclosing on homeowners.

“We believe the industry is worried that this new task force will go after the banks for the origination of many of the mortgages that have defaulted or are now underwater,” said Jaret Seiberg, a senior policy analyst for the Washington Research Group.

The state attorneys general, the Justice Department and the Department of Housing and Urban Development have been in talks for nearly a year with big bank servicers that stand accused of using robo-signers to service home loans. The five largest mortgage servicers involved in the talks are:Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500), Wells Fargo (WFC, Fortune 500), JPMorgan Chase (JPM, Fortune 500), Citigroup (C, Fortune 500) and Ally Financial (GJM).

According to people familiar with the talks, a draft settlement would result in those banks paying $20 billion to $25 billion toward housing relief. About 1 million underwater homeowners would be eligible for an average $20,000 off the principal owed.

In return, state attorneys general would not be able to file future lawsuits against the bank mortgage servicers that agree to the deal. The amount of relief available for homeowners depends on how many state attorneys general agree to the deal.

Obama didn’t mention the talks in his State of the Union speech. A White House official said Wednesday that the new task force would not prevent progress that has been made on that deal.

– CNNMoney’s Les Christie and CNN’s Terry Frieden contributed to this report.

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Mortgage crimes are focus of new task force

President Obama announces Justice Department task force to go after mortgage crimes that victimized homeowners.

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) — A new special task force to investigate and prosecute those responsible for bad mortgages during the housing boom will be part of President Obama’s 2012 agenda.

Obama announced Tuesday that he’s asked the Justice Department to create a special unit of prosecutors and state attorneys general to investigateg abusive lending and packaging of risky mortgages that led to the housing crisis. And he’s tapped an avowed Wall Street enemy, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, to help run the crime unit, according to a White House official.

“This new unit will hold accountable those who broke the law, speed assistance to homeowners, and help turn the page on an era of recklessness that hurt so many Americans,” Obama said in his State of the Union speech.

The new unit’s goal will be to investigate banks, financial firms and mortgage originators that broke the law, and to compensate victims and provide relief for homeowners, the White House official said.

Although the housing bust is more than four years old, this is the first time the Obama administration has indicated it will go after mortgage originators and Wall Street banks that got homeowners into loans they couldn’t afford — actions seen as a key culprit of the financial crisis.

– CNNMoney’s Les Christie and CNN’s Terry Frieden contributed to this report.

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1029 Paragon Dr • Boulder

Feature Listing! 1029 Paragon Dr • Boulder


Views and Location that are unsurpassed. Private and serene location with unobstructed front & back range views. County setting on 1.26 acres. Home features 3,100 sq ft, 4 bed, 3 baths and plenty of mature landscaping, Large ranch house has finished walkout lower level with kitchenette & seperate entrance. Possible in-laws quarters. Main level has refinished hard wood floors, upgraded kitchen, corian, stainless steel, etc. No better location in Boulder County. $879,000 MLS# 672941

Few more details here: 1029 Paragon Dr, Boulder

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